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Here's what I do

Write Immigration Content

I don't do boring immigration blogs that are lackluster and full of legalese. Instead, I deliver written content that has a story, a human voice that pulls your readers in, even if the topic is an H-1B visa policy update or a series of law firm best practice. How? First you and I determine your voice and desired topics. Next we set a content delivery schedule and I get to work. Then you go back to focusing on your clients while I deliver engaging, unique content that's always on-brand, informative and enjoyable.

Help You Grow on LinkedIn

With over 300M monthly active users, LinkedIn is the best platform to grow your personal brand and your business, on your terms and without cat videos and viral memes. I will help you get more out of your LinkedIn network by optimizing your LinkedIn profile, learning the platform and growing your audience through proper engagement, comments, messages and other original content. Because if done right, growing on LinkedIn leads to speaking engagements, collaboration opportunities, getting in industry publications, new clients and ultimately business growth.

Immigration Business Consulting

Sometimes you just need some help. Help with a slide deck for an upcoming presentation. Help reviewing and editing your website copy. Help deciding what industry conference to attend. Help with business strategy, growth, marketing, and  everything in between. I can be your internal marketing, strategy or business development team. I've practiced immigration law, worked as a business consultant, started and scaled my own tech startup and have helped clients with pitch decks, conference materials, website copy, growth strategy and more. I can help you work through just about anything!

Here are just a few happy clients:

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