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Here Are 11 Foundational LinkedIn Tips For Immigration Lawyers Just Starting To Post More Content!

I recently shared some foundational LinkedIn tips with a friend, and then I thought - my other immigration lawyers and immigration tech entrepreneur friends might find it useful too... so here they are!

  1. Write engaging content that provides value in one way or another, engages the reader right away (because long posts are shortened so you need to make the reader want to click on "read more").

  2. Space out your text, don't write long blocks but have white space to make it easier, especially since people use LinkedIn while scrolling on their phones.

  3. Use 3-5 hashtags, and use ones that have a good amount of followers unless you want to create a tag specifically for you and your content. You can search for various tags that are relevant to your target audience and always use those to get into that tag's "feed."

  4. Post consistently because the LinkedIn algorithm, and frankly your network and LinkedIn users more broadly, like consistency!

  5. Don't link TOO MUCH off of LinkedIn especially at first (i.e. to an article or something). Ultimately LI is an advertising platform, and a link off of it will be demoted b/c the point of the platform is to keep people ON the platform.

  6. Play around with adding media to your posts! Pictures are great. Videos are nice but reach less people. Long-form articles reach the fewest people BUT they get indexed in google so they can be searched and therefore lead people back to your profile.

  7. Best times to post are still are generally M-F, 9-5 (for your target audience / timezone), though during the time of this article, in the midst of COVID-19, people are on much more. Also, if you get enough traction, weekends and "after-hour" posts do well too because your network is more likely to see your content!

  8. Have a call-to-action (CTA) on your posts, whether a prompt to share their thoughts, ask whether they agree or disagree, asking them to weigh in, etc.

  9. Always respond to every comment and "@" tag the person who commented in your response so they are more likely to see your response and either "like" it or respond again. Ultimately, every time someone else interacts with your post, THEIR network is likely to see that interaction on their feed and it gets more people on your post!

  10. Reach out to people who like and comment on your posts and personally THANK THEM in the DMs! It's not scalable, but those people will appreciate it and be more likely to like/comment subsequent posts and in the beginning that really helps.

  11. When you post, ask friends, family, etc. to like, comment and share within the first 1-4 hours (but only if they feel comfortably don't make anyone do it). This engagement helps signal "virality" to the LinkedIn algorithm which gets your post in front of MORE of your network and eventually beyond.

Feel free to comment or reach out with more specific questions, and let me know how I can help your immigration business succeed!

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