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Immigration lawyer posting a series on LinkedIn? Here are two things to think about

💡If you’re posting a series on LinkedIn (i.e. a multi-part post), don’t worry if the first one performs “better” in terms of likes, views, etc.! Here are my thoughts, and the value behind multi-part posts!

First, 3 potential reasons as to why the first post of a series might perform better:

📈Just starting something, even if just a LinkedIn post series, can elicit engagement from people who are just celebrating / showing support. These folks probably won’t care as much for post 2, 3, etc.

📈If the topic is interesting or controversial (hence the multi posts), that edginess may wear off by post 2. So even for those who care, they may see your post but not react or comment.

📈There’s always luck involved with social media. The same people may not be on LinkedIn to see your post, be in a mood to engage, etc. both times. A lot is out of our control, so don’t sweat it!

But what are 3 major benefits of a post series?

✅You save time on your second and subsequent posts because you already have the topic and content. Your time is valuable too!

✅You can turn those posts after the fact into a blog, podcast, etc. Always repurpose and reuse your content!

✅It’s the easiest way to be consistent on LinkedIn and build your posting muscle

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