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My Latest LinkedIn Content Virality Experiment - Sharing Other Peoples' Posts!

A few weeks ago I shared a friend’s post (with my own takeaways) that went viral… at the time of this writing it has 75K+ views 🤯 So I tried to figure it out and replicate it.

My theory? That sharing others’ posts creates virality...

To test this theory, I decided that I’d share someone else’s post every few days. Here’s a short recap of how that's gone:

That first post from my good friend Jon Katz now has 75,659 views: it set off this experiment.

The second shared post was a few days later - it was entrepreneur and coach TK Kader's thoughts on SaaS. This post did pretty well, with 8,508 views now.

The third share was about TripScout CEO Konrad Waliszewski's live stream with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern. My post flopped: it only has 908 views, 2+ weeks later.

The fourth share was of immigration attorney and founder of Matten Law, Ron Matten's summary of Trump’s latest immigration exec order. It started off slow but the next morning it had blown up. It has 10,333 views now.

The fifth share was fellow immigration tech founder Jeremy Peskin’s announcement about his immigration tech startup Docketwise's APIs. His post thrived, mine crashed: it only has 220 views.

My last share was Husain Bazzi, a current student at Brooklyn Law School (my alma mater!), about a podcast I did with him. 245 views 👎

My usual content averages 2-5K views.

So my takeaway so far is that sharing others’ posts either does crazy well or crashes 🤷‍♂️

I'm going to continue tinkering and analyzing, and if I have better insights once I have a larger sample set, I'll share!

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